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Innovation & learning

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Innovation & learning

Over the last 35 years, the fight against hunger has taken us many directions; from running small treatment centres in rural Africa to developing international guidelines for eradicating child hunger. Through these experiences and contributions, Action Against Hunger has shaped and transformed the way acute malnutrition is prevented and treated around the world.

But that is not enough. We also need to shape the future if we want to beat child hunger for good. And this requires a robust and dynamic culture of evaluation and learning in the organisation, and the capacity to capture good practices, build on successes and learn from failures. 

Improving the quality of humanitarian response by unlocking the power of information

Today Action Against Hunger is more committed than ever to demonstrating the impact and quality of our programmes, going beyond the numbers and capturing the changes that we bring about everywhere we work. We believe that the more we learn from the past, the better we can plan for the future. We believe that better information will lead to more effective humanitarian action. 

Ultimately, we know that to really succeed in the fight against hunger we will need to go beyond measuring success. We will need to improve, improvise, test new ideas and try new things. We need to be responsible towards those we work for, but we need to be bold in our thinking. We recognise that what has worked for a decade might not work tomorrow. When we learned that treating malnutrition in hospitals was too expensive for caregivers, we moved treatment closer to the communities.  We recognise that our capacity to adapt our approach requires us to unlock the power of technology and human ingenuity in regular and tangible ways.

We believe in learning and innovation not because it is popular, but because it is part of who we are now and who we have been for the past 35 years.

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Learning Review 2014

The Learning Review has become an increasingly important document for Action Against Hunger. It offers colleagues at all levels of the organisation an indication of how the organisation is performing, and provides a channel where issues can be raised, ideas can be proposed and learning can be documented.

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Annual Progress Report 2014

Action Against Hunger’s Annual Progress Report 2014 outlines the progress made toward the organisation’s international strategic goals, established for 2010-2015. The report presents data collected from throughout the organisation according to a set of indicators that demonstrate the impact Action Against Hunger’s work has had around the world.

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