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Emergency aid - Nepal Earthquake


From catastrophic natural disasters, to conflict, to spikes in malnutrition rates brought on by drought and floods, we respond to humanitarian emergencies all over the world, delivering immediate lifesaving services to families in distress

At the forefront of disaster response

Working in over 40 countries worldwide and with rapid-response emergency teams on call 24 hours a day as well as pre-positioned stocks of essential supplies ready for deployment, we ensure that life-saving assistance can be delivered anywhere in the world when needs arise.

The last year has seen an unprecedented number of humanitarian crises – each devastating in their impact and each requiring intensive humanitarian support. From the devastating earthquake in Nepal to continued conflict in Syria and the upsurge in violence in northern Iraq, to the distressing plight of the South Sudanese and the tragedy that Ebola continues to wreak on vulnerable communities in West Africa: we are there, providing children and their families with urgent support.

What we do

We evaluate needs: when a disaster hits, our rapid assessment teams evaluate the immediate needs of affected populations so we can launch the most appropriate response.

We provide emergency aid: we team up with local government agencies, partners and community leaders to bring efficient, effective relief to communities hit by disaster. Our programmes include providing food and water, creating child friendly spaces to enable mothers and their children deal with the traumatic situations they have lived through, providing hygiene kits, seeds and tools and a range of livelihood services tailored to the needs of each community.

We prevent and manage risk: in communities that are prone to disaster or recurring crises, we work to manage their risk of and strengthen their resilience to future shocks. We help bolster local economies, improve infrastructure, and plan for long-term development.

Emergencies around the world


Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal Emergency Aid | Action Against Hunger
Nepal Emergency Appeal | Action Against Hunger

Survivors urgently need clean water, food and emergency supplies. Our teams are on the ground.

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South Sudan Hidden Crisis

South Sudan emergency crisis
South Sudan Hidden Crisis

The world's youngest nation faces the world's worst food crisis

Help save lives

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