Iraq Crisis

Kurdistan Region of Iraq

More than 700,000 people have fled their homes since violence intensified in Iraq in June 2014. We are providing families with food and water

People we helped in 2014

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq finds itself under increasing strain.  

Fighting in northern Iraq has prompted a sharp deterioration in the humanitarian situation nation-wide. Since June 2014, more than 700,000 people have fled their homes. Many are heading to the region. 

Meanwhile, four years of conflict in neighbouring Syria has created one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century. Around three million people have fled Syria to nearby countries  approximately 215,000 have settled in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Host communities have been generous, but existing infrastructure cannot meet the basic needs of this ever-growing and increasingly vulnerable population. 

What we are doing

Present in Iraq since 2013, we are providing a range of life-supporting services to both Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi populations in Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaymanyah. 

We are working in several camps providing access to safe water, repairing or installing sanitation systems and promoting good hygiene practice in an attempt to prevent diseases from spreading. Our teams are also offering mental health support to the most vulnerable women and children.
Meanwhile, for the newly displaced, emergency operations include food and water distributions.

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