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Live Below the Line

Live Below the Line for charity

Live Below the Line

Could you spend just £1 on food and drink per day? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is to help us fight hunger!


The Challenge

Live Below the Line challenges individuals and communities to eat and drink on just £1 a day for 5 days. By taking part you will shine a light on the 1.2 billion people who live below the extreme poverty line, challenging yourself and others to think differently about hunger and the choices we make every day.

In 2014, our 180 Live Below the Line participants raised over £22,000 to combat malnutrition around the world

Will you take on the challenge in 2015 and join them in the fight against hunger?

There is enough food in the world for everyone and yet tonight 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry. We want to challenge the way people in the UK think about hunger and in the process raise funds to end it. By living below the line, you can help us achieve this.


Live Below the Line with Action Against Hunger
Live Below the Line with Action Against Hunger

Live Below the Line 2015

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The support we offer

Action Against Hunger has run the Live Below the Line campaign for 3 years and have picked up lots of tips, recipes and advice along the way to help make your experience of the challenge a bit more flavoursome! 


In addition to the recipe packs below we’ll provide everyone that signed up to Live Below the Line with Action Against Hunger with a bespoke participant pack full of fundraising ideas and inspiration to get your started as well as an exclusive recipe pack including pound-stretching dishes from our Chef Ambassadors Francesco Mazzei, Vivek Singh, Sabrina Ghayour, Alfred Prasad, Tom Hunt and Ceri Jones. 


Full of Beans

Mentil for Lentils

Ceri's Natural Kitchen


What our supporters say

Vicky, Manchester RAG

“Live Below the Line was definitely a challenge but doing it as a team made it easier and a lot more fun. I loved the fact I could really believe in what I was fundraising for, that really spurred me on to ask for sponsorship, and when donations come in,  it's so encouraging. The support I got from the charity was amazing and gave me the chance to see more clearly where my sponsorship was going. I'd recommend Live Below the Line to anyone passionate about ending global poverty, and Action Against Hunger are the perfect charity to do it for!"



Collins, Warwick Against Hunger Society

“The challenge helped me realise that the agony of living below the line begins long before the hunger. The struggle of having to decide what vital nutrients to have each day is taxing and requires extensive planning that people in disaster striken areas may not even have the luxury of. Although we can do little, that little can go a long way and I would encourage everyone to get involved and help raise the line!” 





Where do I start? 


The Live Below the Line website, Facebook page and recipe app feature lots of tips, recipes from celebrity chefs and suggested shopping lists to help you during your challenge, so plenty of support is on hand to see you through to the end!
You may find it easier to get through the week by getting together a team and pooling your resources.
Join us, and the growing movement committed to seeing an end to hunger in our lifetime.

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