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Yemen Crisis

An overview of our work & the humanitarian situation in Yemen. We are treating malnourished children,  improving families’ access to food and delivering vital water services

People we helped in 2014

Amid surging violence in Yemen, millions of families are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The nation risks plummeting further into humanitarian crisis, if violence and instability continue. Even prior to the recent upsurge in violence families were facing severe hardship in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world. Child malnutrition rates are among the highest and over 10 million Yemenis do not know where their next meal will come from. Women and children are particularly vulnerable due to the breakdown of health services, poor water and sanitation, and insufficent access to health services, particularly in rural areas. 

What we are doing 

We have been present in Yemen since 2012, treating malnourished children and improving families’ access to food. We are implementing programmes aimed at treating malnourished children within their communities while improving access to clean water and sanitation and enhancing access to food through cash transfer programmes and by increasing access to agricultural assets. 

We also work in partnership with schools and health centres to improve access to water and sanitation, provide hygiene training to avoid the spread of waterborne disease, and distribute basic hygiene kits. 

In 2014, our teams treated around 12,600 malnourished people, helped 40,000 people improve their access to food and income, and delivered essential water and sanitation services to 180,000 people. 

Yemen is one of the most forgotten humanitarian crises worldwide. Children and their families need urgent help.

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