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occupied Palestinian territory

The occupied Palestinian territory remains under the contested control of Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967, amid a complex political situation. Our teams continue to provide a range of life-saving services to the local population.

People we helped in 2014

Chronic political instability and severe trade restrictions have had a devastating impact on local livelihoods, sanitation conditions, and household food consumption, making life even more precarious for an already vulnerable population.

These factors have contributed to a prolonged humanitarian crisis in the area. In addition, territorial fragmentation and political polarisation between Fatah and Hamas continue to undermine the Palestinian government while simultaneously weakening social cohesion. 

Restrictions on trade and the free movement of people in Gaza and the West Bank have hampered agriculture, manufacturing and trade productivity and has caused an increasingly high proportion of Palestinians to rely on foreign aid.

What we’re doing

We’ve been present in the occupied Palestinian territory since 2002. Today, our teams provide a range of life-saving services to the local population – including food security and water and sanitation support. We also help coordinate humanitarian support. We provide training, tools and livestock to farmers, food vouchers for poor urban households and encourage trade between Palestinian farmers and traders. We are also repairing and constructing water points and sanitation systems destroyed by recent conflict. 


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Photo credits:  © Eloise Ballack, ACF Gaza

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