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An overview of the humanitarian situation and our work in Senegal. Our teams are providing nutrition programmes for local communities. 

People we helped in 2014

Although poverty is widespread and unemployment is high, Senegal has one of the region's most stable economies. In addition to pervasive poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, the country is chronically vulnerable to drought and floods, and struggles with high rates of maternal and infant mortality, malaria and other diseases.

What we are doing

Present in Senegal since 2012, we provide vulnerable families in Senegal with nutritional support and are currently working in the areas of Thiès, Lougua, St louis and Matam. 
The country’s long-term health goals include reducing mother and infant mortality rates and providing more vulnerable people with basic health services. As a part of this strategy to continue to help Senegal address child hunger.we are:

  • Expanding our nutrition programmes
  • Strengthening the capacity of local government agencies to tackle malnutrition


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