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An overview of our work and the humanitarian situation in Madagascar. Our teams are providing delivering vital nutrition and health services for families

People we helped in 2014

Madagascar is one of the world's poorest countries. Its economy benefits from ecotourism, ecological research and a growing agricultural region, but the unequal distribution of wealth has left more than 90 per cent of its population living on less than two dollars a day. This widespread poverty, combined with weak government agencies and a fragile political situation, has led to an alarming humanitarian situation.

Madagascar is also extremely vulnerable to floods and cyclones, especially during the rainy season. The World Bank estimates that one quarter of the population currently live in zones at high risk of natural disasters. In 2013, Tropical Cyclone Haruna devastated the lives of tens of thousands of people as torrential rains, strong winds and flooding ruined homes and crops. 

What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been working in Madagascar since 2012. We are delivering vital nutrition and health services for families which includes:

  • Providing life-saving treatment to malnourished children. 
  • Advising mothers on how to spot the early signs of malnutrition in their children and what they can do to prevent it
  • Providing mothers with care and support while they are pregnant and nursing

In response to the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Haruna, our teams quickly provided emergency supplies to affected communities. To prevent the spread of waterborne diseases that exacerbate malnutrition, we also worked with local residents to decontaminate drinking water wells.


Madagascar - charity work
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Photo Credit: © Tuléar Ville, ACF Madagascar

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