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An overview of Action Against Hunger's work in Chad. Our teams are providing a wide range of nutrition programmes

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Since gaining independence in 1960, Chad has experienced political instability, social unrest and conflicts with neighbouring countries. This has left the country with poor infrastructure, an unstable government and a dire humanitarian situation. 

The country is prone to natural disasters and people frequently experience malnutrition and food insecurity between harvest seasons, during the so-called “hunger gap”. Chad faces enormous humanitarian challenges. This situation is compounded further by regional threats, including: an upsurge in criminal activities by the Islamist group Boko Haram in neighbouring Nigeria, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic, the resumption of inter-ethnic fighting in Darfur since the end of 2013, and ongoing troubles in Mali. 

What we are doing

Since 2006, our areas of work in Chad focused around 4 areas, with the aim of stegnthening Chad’s resilience to food insecurity and prevent further nutrition crises we are:

  • Using mobile nutrition clinics to reach children suffering from acute malnutrition in remote areas
  • Distributing food and cash to boost household income and help the most vulnerable to purchase food from markets 
  • Supporting local farmers,by providing tools and education, implement livestock vaccination programmes to keep the livestock people depend on for their livelihoods healthy
  • Training female entrepreneurs in small business management. 


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