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Central African Republic

An overview of our work & the emergency situation in the Central African Republic.

People we helped in 2014

A humanitarian emergency has gripped the Central African Republic. The situation came to a head in 2013, when the government was overthrown. Since then hundreds of thousands of people already living on the brink of survival have faced further challenges. 

People have been forced to flee their homes and are surviving in extremely precarious conditions. The consequences are dire, with children bearing the brunt of the violence. The number of children with life-threatening malnutrition admitted to Action Against Hunger-supported health facilities has increased dramatically since the crisis began.

What we are doing

Despite the volatile situation, we have managed to continue to run our programmes in the Central African Republic, making an impact in local communities: 

  • Accessing communities in desperate need and strengthening our life-saving nutrition activities to help those most at risk - particularly children under five years old
  • Expanded access to clean water and sanitation facilities
  • Working to foster livelihood and income opportunities to support families in the longer term

But while organisations like Action Against Hunger are doing what they can to provide the basics - hygiene, sanitation and nutritional support - to the most vulnerable, there is much more that is needed. 


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