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Burkina Faso

An overview of Action Against Hunger's work. Our teams are providing a range of life-supporting services while building the resilience of local communities to cope with future crises

People we helped in 2014

Burkina Faso’s struggling economy is heavily dependent on rainfed agriculture to support its expanding population amidst successive waves of floods and droughts. The landlocked country’s population is particularly vulnerable to economic shocks, such as high food prices, and has also been affected by the regional food shortages and drought experienced across the Sahel region.

As the population and influx of refugees from neighbouring countries such as Mali increases, food shortages and escalating prices have resulted in widespread hunger for many families.

What we are doing

In 2013, our areas of work in Burkina Faso focused around areas 4 of nutritional support, making an impact in local communities: 

  • Treating 13,000 malnourished children
  • Providing nutritional and health care services to 157,733 people
  • Training local health workers to treat and diagnose malnutrition in children under five years old
  • Providing 136,657 people with agricultural support, cash grants and food vouchers so families can earn an income and get back on their feet after a crisis


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