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An overview of our work and Sierra Leone's humanitarian situation. Our teams are providing support to national and local authorities in addressing malnutrition

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Sierra Leone has experienced considerable economic growth in recent years, but the effects of a brutal civil war that ravaged the country continue to be felt.

Although the country is rich in natural resources, including fertile land, water, minerals and forests, poverty remains widespread, especially in rural areas. The country is highly dependent on food imports (mostly rice and maize) and therefore very vulnerable to fluctuations in global food prices. 

Sierra Leone is the country worst affected by the Ebola epidemic, which hit West Africa in 2014 and has claimed thousands of lives. This epidemic has put harvests at risk and sent food prices soaring in the region. As Ebola spreads, the number and severity of malnourished children in Sierra Leone and Liberia will rise.

What we are doing

Present in Sierra Leone since 1991, we are supporting national and local authorities in addressing malnutrition by bolstering their capacity to address the condition. We are improving:

  • access to clean drinking water, sanitation
  • Implementing preventive measures in mitigating waterborne disease such as cholera.

We are also working closely with health and aid agencies in the country to stop the spread of Ebola. We’re educating communities about the virus, training community health workers on how to detect and refer suspected Ebola patients, improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene, and building national capacity to respond to the virus and prevent it from spreading. 

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