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An overview of our work and the humanitarian situation in Djibouti. Our teams are providinga holistic approach to nutrition support.

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Djibouti is a small country located in the Horn of Africa. Most economic activity is concentrated in the capital city, where 60 per cent of its population lives. The country is extremely poor in resources and is almost entirely dependent on food imports. A third of Djibouti’s population lives in rural villages with little access to food and healthcare.

Recurring drought, high unemployment and fluctuations in food prices compound the situation, with communities' income sources in decline. The lack of rainfall in recent years has decimated herds on which rural communities depend for their livelihoods and reduced grazing areas. In addition, most of the country has inadequate access to water and sanitation.

Despite a lack of reliable data on malnutrition, it is estimated that acute malnutrition rates are close to exceeding emergency thresholds. 

What we are doing

Our current aim in Djibouti is to provide families with access to clean water, better-quality sanitation and hygiene facilities, and nutritional support. Our holistic approach includes:

  • Hygiene promotion sessions
  • Distributing of water storage kits
  • Rehabilitating family latrines
  • Developing vegetable gardens

We are also working with the Ministry of Health and national health staff to improve the management and treatment of acute malnutrition in the country.


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